World Tours Aren’t Just for Rock Stars; Maybe They are, Follow Image Audiovisuals Rock Stars on Their International Travels.

Turning a client’s vision into reality, while staying in budget, is an expectation in the audio visual industry. Going the extra mile and taking customer service to a new standard of excellence is Image Audiovisuals commitment to their clients. From the pre-planning meetings, learning cultural norms and customs, or overcoming obstacles to create a flawless event, Image Audiovisuals creates a unique experience for each client, foreign and domestic.

Named the 2015 Best AV Company in Colorado Meeting & Events Magazine, Image Audiovisuals is an expert in the field of AV, providing; live event production, hospitality and venue partnerships, recording and live streaming, and audio visual integration. But their real success lies in the people they hire and the passion those individuals have for exceeding client expectations. “It’s more than just selling AV equipment and services, we hire people who can solve our customers’ problems and give them more than they expect to get”, said Diana Mueller, CEO of Image Audiovisuals.

Image Audiovisuals Team Members

Over the next five weeks we will take a look inside this Company’s success story and meet the Project Managers that lead some of their largest events. We will be following the Image Audiovisuals team as they travel around the world; and hear about some of the trials and tribulations along with the successes and labor of love associated with live events and international travel. The itinerary includes: Mexico, London, Sydney, New York and Hong Kong.