Webcasting Myths Revealed

istock_000003146770smallIn the midst of the current economic downturn, most businesses are looking for ways to stretch budgets. How about cutting back on expensive meetings?

Webcasting is an innovative technology that is rapidly growing in popularity, as more and more businesses seek out efficient and affordable ways to conduct their meetings. Business meetings create many headaches for companies – they are costly, distracting, and result in loss productivity. As a result, more and more companies are turning to the ease and affordability of webcasting.

Sonic Foundry, the creator of Mediasite, a cutting-edge webcasting product, recently presented a webinar, “Fact or Fiction: Exposing the 10 Biggest Myths of Event Webcasting.” There are many common misconceptions about webcasting, including: it is expensive, is not secure, is non-interactive, generates low attendance, is unattractive, runs slowly, is overflowing with technical difficulties, creates huge production hassles, etc.

Image Audiovisuals ensures you that none of these myths are a reality. In fact, webcasting is an affordable and effective way to conduct your meetings. Webcasting allows you to extend the reach and availability of your information, and reduce the time and costs associated with travel. Webcasting is quite simple. A live, interactive meeting can be created in only a few steps, and can later be viewed on-demand anytime or anyplace. In addition, since geographic boundaries are no longer an issue, webcasting promotes team synergy and boosts team morale.

For more information regarding putting your meetings online – affordably, effectively, and efficiently – please contact Scott Collinsworth from Image Audiovisuals at 303-758-1818.