Top 5 Things That Make a Great Meeting

As a meeting planner, your job is to orchestrate and manage amazing events. From the venue to the menu, it’s all about the details. Here’s a Top 5 list that we think makes a great meeting:

  1. Connections: That’s why people attend, it’s what you’re trying to facilitate.
  1. Speakers: If the speaker is great, the meeting is a win.
  1. Location and Venue: Make sure the venue offers the must-haves and the extras your guests expect. In addition to the amenities the hotel or conference center offers, these might include things such as access to essential equipment, technology, and Internet/Wi-Fi; digital registration and check-in; convenient parking; a conference app; and, proximity to local attractions and nearby restaurants.
  1. Information: Outline what attendees should expect well before the meeting.
  1. Experience: It’s all in the details. Always plan from the perspective of an attendee.