The World According to Gizmo

By Kelly Kucera

We have an office dog.  He is the cutest King-Charles-Spaniel-Ball-of-Fur you have ever seen.
His name is Gizmo.

gizmo Gizmo belongs to Dave and Diana Mueller, our co-owners at Image Audiovisuals, but really he is Diana’s.

He is also an integral part of the Image AV team.

I say that because he is a fixture at most of our meetings, there to jump up and curl on his own chair in the conference room, serenading us with blissful snoring as the sales team discusses goals and objectives, our Systems Installation Team reviews commercial or residential installs or the technicians plan live productions and discuss upcoming calendars.
This dog’s world is to be there for Diana.  He is never far from her side, continuously following her from office to office, sometimes even lingering in mine a moment or two longer (can’t resist loving on him a bit)… but never stays away long.

If she leaves on an errand, he waits by our main doors… a constant vigil until she returns and all is well with his world once again (or until I let him out to answer the call of nature).
His world also consists of snoozing (and yes, I was serious earlier when I said he snores…), often selecting a recycle bin to laze, instead of the doggie bed that looks much more comfortable…

gizmo2See, I told you!

Truth is, this dog’s world brings welcome balance to our worklives.  And, sometimes, you need that.  We have always been told to have that work-life balance, but I think personalizing a bit of the workspace and harmonizing your work-worklife is just as vital for morale.

Having a bad day?  Gizmo wanders in your office and looks up at you.  That face can cure anything.

Discussing a poor sales period or having a tough discussion?  Gizmo, as if on cue, snores even louder, diffusing any tension.

Having a roundtable meeting about whether to run component video signal or 5-Wire?  Gizmo yawns.

Coordinating four different shows that all need the same gear and technicians?  Gizmo yawns bigger.

Cooking chicken in the microwave?  Gizmo suddenly appears.

In a huge hurry?  Gizmo stops in the middle of the aisle, rolls over and exposes his belly to scratch.  You’re not THAT late, right?

Yes, Gizmo does provide all of us a welcome look into a world we are happy to co-exist.  I hope all of you achieve that work-worklife balance in your daily lives…

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