One Click… Any Device… Anytime: The New Must-Have App for Your Next Event

One Click… Any Device… Anytime:  The New Must-Have App for Your Next Event

As the preferred in-house AV supplier at the Colorado Convention Center, Image Audiovisuals is proud to announce the launch of a web-based and mobile-ready event app, customizable for large conventions, trade shows, and meetings.

“We are very excited to welcome the app to the convention center,” says Dave Mueller, President of Image Audiovisuals. “We think it is a perfect complement to our diverse list of services and offers clients new opportunities to provide extra benefits for attendees.”

Features of the app include event schedules, list of attendees, maps of the venue and a link to Yelp™ for those looking to explore downtown Denver. Additionally, the app allows for custom links to social media and the ability to house digital webcasts of all sessions, available during the event and subsequently, on any mobile device, laptop or PC.

“The fact that our app lives on past the conclusion of any event is a huge benefit to our customers and unlike any of the traditional mobile apps on the market,” said Scott Cornelius, Director of Sales at the Colorado Convention Center.  “When you factor in the longevity of the app and the ability to directly sell content to those who attend and those who do not, it opens a new door for sponsors to gain more reach overall and for associations to generate revenue from the event.”

The app also offers the Greenroom,™ a virtual extension of event sessions which allows attendees to interact directly with each other and speakers throughout the event, furthering conference networking opportunities.

The affordable, easy to use web-based App can be viewed at To access this demo, enter your email address and create a password.