Making Traveler Come to Life

Traveler_Poster SmallAll of us have dreams.  Some start when we are children, eventually dissipating once school begins and other interests take root.  But, for some of us, our dream never changes and even grows stronger with the passing years.  For the lucky ones, dreams sometime come true with hard work, dedication and passion.  Such is the tale of one of Image Audiovisuals’ Project Managers, Ron Hurley.

Ron grew up in Princeton, NJ and began to fall in love with moviemaking when he received a fortuitous gift from a grandfather, an 8 MM video camera.  Filming GI Joe action figures battling Star Wars action figures eventually graduated to shooting music videos with friends and family.  Next, film school honed his skills, where he produced and directed his first motion picture, a horror spoof called, The Last Day of October.

Although making movies was close to his heart, he soon discovered that he had similar talents with live event production and video editing, and his career took a turn.

“Working for Image Audiovisuals is like working for a family.  I started working for the Muellers when I was a kid, still dreaming of making movies, but knew I could learn a lot from Image.  Film school had provided me with a solid base knowledge of production, so I knew AV was an area I could work in and still learn more about an industry I have grown so passionate about.”

3-D School?
“I love special effects. I watched movies to deconstruct the computer imagery so I could try and duplicate it.  But, being self-taught on programs like Adobe After Effects and Maya was not getting me to the level I wanted to be and I knew I needed instruction.”

Enter the Art Institute of Denver and 3DSMax.  After earning certifications in this difficult application, Ron soon discovered the software had more universal appeal to the production industry. Today, Ron is Image AV’s top graphic artist and designer of pre-visualized sets and space renderings for the company’s top events.

“The renderings take 3-D imagery to the next level.  It allows us to provide clients with a real-world view of what their staging will be, further than other CAD programs out there.”

3-D to Traveler  
Working live event production and designing graphics for Image pushed him to do more.  Despite using his new talents to design and wsample01ork as a Project Manager, the movie bug continued to bite, in addition to his desire to use his new education in 3DSMax to challenge his prowess.  A chance camping trip with friends spurned his creative imagination, and Traveler was conceived.

“My best friend and frequent collaboration partner, Greg Koronowicz, and I had often talked about what movie we would make if we ever had the opportunity.  I remember reading about the Nazis experimenting with time travel and using the time/space continuum to grow their empire.  Greg and I began talking about it, then that turned into what characters could work with the story, then that turned into writing thoughts down and before we knew it, both of us were possessed by it and I knew I had to make it happen.”

Casting the Decision
Self-financing a project for a short motion picture was the next step.  After support from his friends, family and wife, Ron took the next step and agreed to bankroll the picture if Greg would sign on as Director of Photography and assist with special effects, writing and editing.

“I could never do the project without Greg.  Both of us contributed in ways which played on our strengths and I think we both learned a lot through the entire process.  His attention to detail was paramount in how the movie looked and sounded and I provided the insight to keep the continuity and story flow.  We make a great team.”

After writing the script and securing actors for the title roles, next came shooting.  Ron and Greg shot over a four-week period on location in Idaho Springs, Denver and Lakewood, with a great deal of help and assistance from acquaintances.

“Our friend Randy, who co-produced Traveler, got us access to a studio, where we constructed the room used for the interrogation scenes, and other industry contacts were gracious enough to loan us props for free or at a severely discounted rate, including the camera rental.”

Ron even reached out to a friend and frequent Image Audiovisuals sound engineer, Greg Norris, to play the role of the doomed Senator.

“Norris stepped up huge.  I really only expected him to play the role, but he took it to the next level by approaching his band, Codec, to give their song “Horizon Time” to the movie as a soundtrack.  Both Greg and I continue to be amazed at how much people really rallied behind us and supported us through it all.”

1004667_10201101814939164_302029443_nJuly 27, 2013 – Traveler Premieres at the Oriental Theater in the Denver Highlands
The dream came true on a sunny afternoon, in front of 150 invited guests when Traveler made its debut to the world in Dolby Digital Surround Sound.  In the crowd sat Ron and Greg’s close family, friends and the owners of Image Audiovisuals, Dave and Diana Mueller, there to support their employee and friend of sixteen years.  And, when the final credit rolled, a collective cheer sounded through the theater for two friends who fulfilled a life-long aspiration.

Ron and Greg are officially filmmakers, and they could not be more content with their effort.

“What’s next, you ask?  Well, watch the movie.  The last credit tells it all – ‘3 More Out There’.”

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