Lights, Camera, Action; Event Photo Highlight

Image Audiovisuals is involved in hundreds of live events annually, we have everything from large scale concerts to intimate boardroom meetings, and everything in-between. We recently worked on a comprehensive, knowledge-based resource event for industry leaders which included general session speakers, technical breakout sessions, and a high production concert all wrapped up in one.

The main screen utilized at this event was a 15’x45’ blend which created unique opportunities for the client to showcase custom screen content, including a beautiful presentation that took advantage of the ultra wide screen. ImageAV utilized a combination of the Barco E2 and the Barco FSN for the blend and matrix switching between multiple content sources and camera feeds for a seamless visual presentation.

A full length concert with the “Midtown Men” (the original cast of the Jersey Boys musical) was the closing act of the conference and they brought down the house! Our team utilized a full array of moving lights, hazers and visual effects to create a stellar concert environment. Coupled with the wonderful performance of the Midtown Men, the crowd enjoyed the show and even demanded an encore!

Our experienced on-site professionals partnered with our sales team to work with the client every step of the way to ensure that all aspects of the event were produced to the highest quality and no element was left unnoticed, creating a visually appealing event that met the clients objectives and budget.

Here are some pictures that highlight the capabilities we provided during this event at the Colorado Convention Center.

ImageAV sound technician; live event AVImageAV Live Event Speakers

ImageAV Filming at Live EventsImageAV Wide Screen ConcertImageAV Ballroom; Live EventsImageAV Lighting; Live EventsImageAV Audio; Live EventsImageAV Visual Display