Going Green with LED Lighting

The opportunities to replace conventional lighting with LED lighting for general illumination in audio-visual applications are growing, fueled in part by the continual advancements in LEDs and the global need for energy-efficient lighting alternatives.

Performance is an important metric for assessing the viability of replacement by LED sources. These devices that once merely lit calculators and cell phone displays can now illuminate an entire ballroom or a 100 foot building façade. They increasingly match or exceed the efficacy of conventional lighting sources, particularly with the advent of today’s power LEDs. In fact, the efficacy of LED sources, measured in lumens per watt, is eclipsing that of incandescent and halogen sources. As a result, LED systems are displacing conventional lighting methods in a number of applications where LEDs were previously thought impractical. And this exciting trend continues. Keep in mind that an incandescent source may have a low initial purchase or rental cost, but its energy consumption will cost more than ten times its purchase cost over its relatively short life, when a new source must be purchased and the cycle starts again. Intelligent LED lighting systems are a much greener solution to many rental and staging needs, and the brightness and color-changing benefits with LED lighting is an added bonus!

For more information on how LED lighting can be used in your next event, please contact Scott Collinsworth at Image Audiovisuals at 303-758-1818, or via e-mail at scollinsworth@imageav.wordpresspreview.net.