Employee Spotlight: Tyree Booker

TyreeIn this months Image Audiovisuals’ Employee Spotlight we are featuring Tyree Booker as he takes on a new role within ImageAV in a crucial position at the Colorado Convention Center (CCC). To keep up with the growing business levels at the CCC, Tyree will transition to a position on the team in a sales capacity. Tyree’s proven track record of creating creative client solutions that communicate the clients message will be a huge asset to the team, and he is looking forward to the new challenge!

Now let’s get to know Tyree better.

What is your past AV experience, and what do you primarily do at Image AV?
Tyree: I have been working in audio visual for 16 years. From AV tech to AV manager to AV Director to Sales Manager to my current position, I have been blessed to be a part of great teams and wonderful events. I am currently an Account Executive for Image Audiovisuals, meaning my primary purpose is to work closely with clients to make their vision a reality while creating lasting relationships and delivering quality audio visual & production services that fit within their budget. My ultimate goal is to make our clients events better than they imagined it would be, and to create an impression for their audience that won’t soon be forgotten.

What sets Image AV apart from other companies and make you passionate about working here?
Tyree: ImageAV has a true appreciation of learning from industry history, and using that knowledge to grow and transform the audio visual landscape. My passion is deeply rooted in helping our clients convey their message in a clear and concise manner. I’ve had the opportunity to expand my knowledge and share my talents with clients, and it is so rewarding to see a client grow and be a part of that evolution.

Let’s get to know who you are outside of the office now.
Tyree: I’m an honored husband and proud father of two great boys. I love to make people laugh. Regardless of your situation, I believe laughter is the best medicine.

Are you originally from Colorado?
Tyree: Yes I am, and wouldn’t live anywhere else. This is the Mile High city, 5280!! It’s one of the most beautiful, exciting and diverse places in the country. Denver, CO has something to offer everyone……except the ocean.

Favorite hobbies, sports teams, food?
I truly enjoy time with my family,
The Denver Broncos – obviously,
I like all types of food, no tofu though!!!

If you could have a superpower what would it be, and why?
Tyree: I would love to fly because all other forms of transportation bother me. We can save the rest of that conversation for in-person.

That is Tyree Booker in a nutshell. He will surely make you laugh and will definitely take the extra time to get to know you and become fast friends.