Employee Spotlight: Jose Laboy

Jose Laboy

In this month’s employee spotlight we are meeting Jose Laboy. Because Image Audiovisuals is the in-house AV provider at the Colorado Convention Center, Jose works full-time on-location at the CCC for ImageAV supporting the numerous events held on an annual basis. Jose is very ambitious in his work, and with everything going on at the convention center he doesn’t have time for much else these days. We sat down with Jose so you could meet the man behind the curtain, the one who makes sure the production goes perfect at the convention center.


How do you recharge and relax outside of work?

Jose: That is a tricky question for me. I really don’t feel the need to recharge because I love what I do and I have fun doing it. So essentially my work is my hobby – isn’t that the ideal situation, to be able to play where you work?!  When I’m not at work I am usually sleeping, or catching up on work from home.


Spending so much time at work, we’d like to hear a little bit more about what you do at ImageAV.

Jose: I am the Director of Event Technology. I work primarily out of the Colorado Convention Center, and quite honestly I wear many hats in my role. Serving the CCC in-house allows me to meet with all of our potential clients and returning customers on-site, and when it’s convenient for them. It also gives me an advantage that other AV companies don’t have; I know the ins and outs of this place, I know the people, the layout, what works and what doesn’t. And that allows me to provide the best service for any event that we work at the CCC. Whether you’re a technician, a producer or director; we are all here to serve our guests and serve those that serve our guests.


What drew you to ImageAV as a Company to work for?

Jose: I’ve had a magical career in AV because I am very passionate about my work, and spend a lot of time making each project that I touch as unique and flawless as possible. When committing that much dedication to something it is important to me that I am working with a company that has the same vision and goals as I do. I knew I would be a great fit at ImageAV after talking to Aaron Dryden, another ImageAV employee, and hearing that he would only align himself with a customer-first company. That gave me the confidence that I was making the right choice in working for Image AV. They really focus on a whole team that has the same missions and values, including the leadership team who we have unparalleled access to.


If you could have a superpower what would it be, and why?

Jose: The power to stop/slow time so I could accomplish more every day. There are never enough hours in a day.


We know you don’t have a lot of extra time, but do you have any favorite sports teams or foods you take a timeout for once in a while?

Jose: I do enjoy Florida State University, and Crawfish.


jose laboyDo you have any fun facts that you would like to share?

Jose: In what feels like a previous life now, I toured with my punk band for years before entering the world of event production. It was a lot of fun, but also was my first glance into live event production, just from the other side of the stage.


Now that we have spent some time with Jose, it is clear that you will be in great hands for your next event at the Colorado Convention Center.