Before I Die…

Candy-Chang_Before-I-Die_1This year’s World Education Congress at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas offered attendees a diverse array of hospitality related breakout sessions, plenaries and networking events, but one of the most poignant moments occurred when artist Candy Chang spoke at the Opening General Session.

Faced with the sudden loss of a loved one, Ms. Chang found herself considering her beliefs on death and loss in new ways.  While many of us focus on the negative, she recalibrated her thoughts and began a social experiment in New Orleans, which has now stretched across many surrounding cities throughout the nation.

“Before I die, I will…”

She gathered a group of friends and erected a large chalkboard on the side of a dilapidated building in a city still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Katrina.  Consequently, tourists, convention attendees and neighbors of the city began to flock to the house to record their “bucket list” plans.  The discovery?  People from all walks of life have the same dreams and aspirations in many cases.

MPI paid the notion forward, setting numerous “Before I Die” placards around The Knowledge Hub at the WEC.  Jessie States reports on some of the favorite postings:

So, what would the employees at Image Audiovisuals do?  Here are some of the standouts:

  • “Before I die, I want to live.”
  • “Before I die, I want to drive an F1 car.”
  • “Before I die, I want pay my respects at the American Cemetery in Normandy, France. We owe no greater debt.”
  • “Before I die, I want to play golf at St. Andrews in Scotland.”
  • “Before I die, I want to live near an ocean.”
  • “Before I die, I want to move to St. Thomas, USVI!”
  • “Before I die, I want to win the lottery.”
  • “Before I die, I want to be a down marker at a Green Bay Packers game in Lambeau Field, preferably against the Bears.” (HA!  I wonder who said that… ;))
  • “Before I die, I want to discover the secret to immortality.”

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