A Great Ride for a Great Cause

A Great Ride for a Great Cause
By Sarah Mueller

Scott Pic Mighty ClimbersWhat were you doing on June 29? Like most Saturdays, you can find me sleeping in, eating too big of a breakfast and watching hours of TV, most likely followed by a nap.  Ask Scott Cornelius, Director of Sales at the Image AV Colorado Convention Center offices, and his answer is a little different.   While I was sitting on my couch, he was biking an incredible 73 miles to raise money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disease targeting the central nervous system, characterized by symptoms such as numbness in the limbs, cognitive dysfunction, and even paralysis or loss of vision.  MS affects more than two million people worldwide… and one of those two million happens to be Scott’s brother-in-law.

For the past five years, Scott, his family and friends have biked in the MS 150 in his honor. Together, they make up the Mighty Climbers. This event takes place annually, with June marking the 28th year of the two-day ride through Colorado.  Colorado alone managed to raise an amazing $3,023,877 for MS and a cure.

I had the opportunity to sit with Scott to find out more about this worthy cause and his future ambitions.
SM: How does one get into long distance biking?
SC: My first real girlfriend lived 10 miles away from me, and I would ride out to her house three or four times a week when I was fifteen.  I was highly motivated to make the ride but I found that I liked riding and kept it up even after we broke up.  My parents also owned a bike shop when I was younger, which made it quite easy to keep up the hobby.
SM:  How do you train?
SC:  Between the months of April and June, I ride an average of 400 to 600 miles.  This equates to one long ride every other weekend and a few short rides during the week when I can get an hour to get away.  I hope to bike at least 1,000 miles in outdoor rides between January and June in 2014.
SM:  Any future plans to expand into other rides?
SC:  The MS 150 has been the only event I have participated in, but next year I plan to do the Children’s Hospital Colorado Courage Classic – a three day ride raising money for the Children’s Fund, which served over 186,000 kids in 2012 alone.
Want to donate to a great cause? Start by going online at http://www.nationalmssociety.org/get-involved/index.aspx to see how you can help. Here, you can find events like the MS 150 in your area and learn how to participate, volunteer, and raise money for MS. Learn more about the Colorado Courage Classic on their website http://www.couragetours.com and how you can get involved.